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Seed Balls

For the sake of transparency – I run a seed ball business called Seed Balls…

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About Bees

Bees are the building blocks that the world is built on. It has been prophesised…

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Gardening with kids

The Woolworths Discovery Garden current “Giveaway” has created a renewed interest in growing plants for…

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Climate Action

Friday, September 20th student-led Climate Action Strikes were held across the world. I attended the…

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Water Wise

Water is such a precious resource and one that we need to use very wisely….

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The Basis of Life

Without soil is there life? Herbivorous animals cannot survive without the plants grown in soil….

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Check out our NEW fantastic video that highlights how imperative learning about organic waste and compost is for our environment, PLEASE SHARE this wonderful video to help spread the word that ‘We all must participate in regeneration’.

SUPPORT COMPOSTING and continue to educate our children and society!

Regeneration through Education

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