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Empty supermarket shelves

Get back to basics….

We find ourselves living in an everchanging and unstable world now. Supermarket shelves are empty of many of the products we use daily and people …
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The ‘Food Waste’ Problem

I recently came across an article in the Washington Post published in August 2018, titled “The climate impact of the food in the back of your fridge”. …
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A very personal story

After the fire events of the past week in particular and the past couple of months, I have decided to share a very personal fire story. On February …
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Local Economy

When I need to buy an article (we are not talking a new washing machine here) there are a number of things I do prior …
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More plastic chat

It is the time of year when people are getting organised for their little one to start school next year. Orientation days are occurring, and little people …
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Seed Balls

For the sake of transparency – I run a seed ball business called Seed Balls Australia, which is still in its infancy. Rest assured, I …
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Beneficial Insects

Last week I talked about bees as they deserve a post of their own.  It has been reported that every fourth bite of food you …
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About Bees

Bees are the building blocks that the world is built on. It has been prophesised that if bees disappeared from the earth, humans would also …
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Gardening with kids

The Woolworths Discovery Garden current “Giveaway” has created a renewed interest in growing plants for children. We have certainly gathered a few and have had …
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Climate Action

Friday, September 20th student-led Climate Action Strikes were held across the world. I attended the strike in Albury (my second one) and again was incredibly …
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Christmas is coming!

I know it is only September, but Christmas is creeping up on us very quickly. Personally, I don’t understand how people get caught unprepared for …
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Water Wise

Water is such a precious resource and one that we need to use very wisely. The ability to maintain a garden over an Australian summer …
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Weeds or Resource

Confession time here – I have lots of weeds and I mean big industrial size weeds. I have a very large garden and I simply …
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What are we doing?

Whether you believe in climate change or are a sceptic, it seems there is no doubt that we are destroying our world. We are literally …
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The Basis of Life

Without soil is there life? Herbivorous animals cannot survive without the plants grown in soil. Humans may be able to manage in a soil-less environment by …
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