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Thanks for delivery. Spread fertiliser on vineyard on Saturday & 20mm plus rain on Sunday. All good.

Peter Brown


See Saw Wines has been using the Jindalee Ag premium organic compost for three years and we have seen benefits in our soil health and water holding capacity. We love the fact that this product is local and we are part of closing the loop when it comes to green waste.

They have been extremely well organized and dealing with them has been a pleasure.

Justin Jarrett, Owner – See Saw Wines

RICO Alpacas & Truffière, YARRA GLEN, VIC Australia

Earlier this year we purchased a truckload of premium organic compost from Jindalee Ag to be used as a trial in our truffière with the purpose of improving the soil structure without introducing animal manure or organic matter that will influence the truffle development.

We are still in the very early stages of this trial. It will probably take at least 2 years before we can determine its full effect. Of course, we will be able to see earlier what it will do to the soil structure and also the possible reduction in irrigation frequency. What we can say at this stage is that the product was nice and clean, no contamination was observed. We had a bit leftover which we used on our grazing paddocks and we saw a noticeable improvement in the growth and the colour of the pasture. This was in February/March so still a very dry time of the year. We were so impressed with this that we ordered another load in April to use on all our grazing paddocks. 

Bert Rijk, Owner – RICO Alpacas & Truffière

We hope you enjoy our first promotional video – Regeneration through Education. Highlighting our aim to deliver an educational and worm composting solution to Australian Schools. Feel free to share, like and comment. Call us if you would like more information on the program and how we can help you at your home, workplace or school to start your own worm composting.

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