Premium Organic Compost Soil




  • Enriches soil health, increasing overall soil quality by improving soil structure, fertility and porosity
  • Supports stronger plant growth
  • Supplies beneficial microorganisms to soil and plants
  • Maximises nutrients, trace elements and organic carbon adding life into depleted soils
  • Improves the carbon exchange capacity of soils
  • Reduces bulk density of heavy soils
  • Improves moisture holding of light soils
  • Increases moisture infiltration, permeability and ability for soil water retention
  • Reduces the need for irrigation water
  • Improves disease suppression
  • Improves weed reduction
  • Contains Humic Acid
  • Buffers Soil PH
  • Reduces need for chemical fertilisers and
  • exposure to fluctuating global fertiliser prices
  • Biosolids free
  • Supports higher crop and plant quality, yield and value